[ Mr. Details, Rob Osborne ]

[ Mr. Details, Rob Osborne ]

Founder of Details Consulting Group, Rob Osborne, is a master builder with a vision for creative solutions. 

Rob (Mr. Details), is the heart and soul, and driving force, of the Details Consulting Group. He is a leader and visionary with a commitment to differentiate himself, DCG, his customers, and suppliers by inspiring them to excel through attention to detail. Rob has a gift for being able to evaluate and understand what customers need in their space to complement the way they live. Understanding the customer and providing a high level of quality and service is key.

Rob earned the nickname "Mr. Details" by being very anal about his work. If you are a customer, that's a good thing! He cares as much as you do about the craftsmanship and detail of each home he builds—holding himself and his contractors to very high standards.

Mr. Details makes things happen. His 2015 Parade of Homes showplace was built in less than 60 days—that's unheard of for many builders. And the quality, design, and craftsmanship were not compromised in any way.

Details Consulting Group is a unique team-based company that will bring a level of creativity and integrity to any project—which is what you should expect when it comes to something as important as your home.

Rob is also president and founder of RPO Custom Homes, an elite building contractor for the Southern Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky area. RPO has built a reputation throughout the Kentuckiana area for custom home construction and remodeling/renovation excellence  for more than 20 years.

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Mr. Details has been in the business for more than 23 years and has won numerous awards for homes in home shows, including:

  •   Best Kitchen

  •   Best Master Suite and Bath

  •   Best Family & Entertainment Area

  •   Best Overall Construction

  •   Best of Show

  •   People's Choice

  •   and more...


We are a group of creative-thinking building design and construction specialists that make “the best homes” a reality. We use our knowledge, insight, and skills to positively impact people’s lives through consulting, designing, constructing or reconstructing homes. In our projects, attention to every detail reflects the unique needs and personalities of our deserving customers.

Home renovation

DCG adds value to existing home renovations by making sure the details that make a difference are considered and implemented. Our customers turn over their keys to us, give us a budget and time frame, and trust us to get it done to their complete satisfaction.
Details home renovations run the gamut from a major kitchen or basement remodel, to restructuring a home to make it an “open concept,” to a complete home makeover. Many DCG customers want to stay in their neighborhoods, or choose to purchase in a particular location, but need to update a home to suit their current tastes and lifestyles.
Whatever your specific needs are, the Details Consulting Group will meet with you to explore options. We will listen to your concerns and ideas and quickly assess how to update your home to make living in it better.

custom home building

When you make the decision to build a home that suits your individual tastes and lifestyle needs, it can be both an exciting and stressful time. It’s personal. There are many choices to make and it can be overwhelming. You are making a significant investment that will impact your future satisfaction and quality
of life.
The clients we work for are very demanding. Very discriminating. That’s why they chose us. We get it. We have a proven history of designing and building extraordinary homes and spaces. We take care of our customers. We have insight that enables us to quickly understand and translate what a customer wants and needs into reality…but we don’t stop there. We offer creative thinking that adds unexpected value to a home. We bring to each project fresh ideas, techniques, and creative solutions. Our goal is to make life better—it’s a way of thinking about a project that sets us apart. The satisfaction we get from our work and the relationships we develop make our lives better. It’s a win-win.


RPO Custom Homes is the custom homebuilding construction partner of Details Consulting Group. Also owned and operated by Rob Osborne, RPO has built a solid reputation in Southern Indiana for more than 20 years as an award-winning firm dedicated to building the finest high end custom homes in Kentuckiana.

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Looking for a truly custom pool to enhance your outdoor fun and enjoyment? PRO Pools is the answer! As a division of Details Consulting Group, you can expect the best in ideas and workmanship for a truly WOW! pool.

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